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Friday, September 7, 2007


I had the thought originally to balance weight, etc by putting the chain drive for the motor on the left side. That won't work because of the way I have to mount the frame, which puts all the mounting points backwards for the derailers. So what you see in the images in the first Design Ideas post is now left-right mirrored from how it will be. Both chains go on the *right* side, and the motor will be on the left.

On another note, I got the pedal-axle cut, so it is just the shaft itself, no pedal levers. This makes it possible to mount to the motor gearbox now, as soon as I find a suitable coupling device. I also still have to design and make the motor's mounting bracket, and fasten it to the frame.

Hopefully I'll start getting some feedback (assuming anyone is even reading this at all), so I'll find out what really stupid thing I'm doing before I kill myself trying. :-)

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