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Friday, September 7, 2007

Motor update 1

The power-window motor I described in a previous post seems to function well enough after it's clean up. I took the worn-out nylon/whatever gear/cam that's driven by the motor's worm gear, and the cam/gear exposed to the outside of the gearbox case that's driven by the first gear/cam, and thoroughly cleaned all the graphite lubricants off of them, saving all that I could of that for later reapplication, and JBWelded them together, letting that cure overnight. Once I reassembled it, I now have a reduction-gear assembly that gives me enough torque to use to drive the pedal-sprockets, which will drive the chain, which will drive the wheel-sprockets that are connected to the rear wheel, and thus move the bike along the ground.

Sometime today, I have to setup the stall-current experiment to find out what current draw this motor will have at maximum, so I'll know what I must definitely limit the current draw to, to help prevent motor burnout. Unfortunately, there are ZERO specs available for this motor locatable online via any p/n that's on it. Not that I expected to find any, but it would have made things a tad bit easier. I found hundreds of places to buy new motors for the car it came from, but nothing about any specs for any of those, either, to try to use for comparison.

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