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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alternate drivetrain thoughts, Mark Ia

In Alternate drivetrain thoughts, Mark I I discussed some rear-wheel-motor ideas.

It looks like my current best drive method is still the front-fork-mounted rear-frame section, as described in First Design.

However, the rear-mounted unit is looking easier to implement as a first attempt, so I'm also pursuing that by taking apart a rear wheel to find a reliable but easy way to mount one of the middling sprockets onto the *left* side of the wheel, for test purposes. Then I can mount the motor above the baskets, and run the chain between the baskets to that sprocket. I won't have any gearshifting available for this first attempt, but it will be a working test of the motor itself.

I do still have to get the socket mounted to the motor drive shaft (formerly pedal shaft), like this:

That still requires either welding it on (not good) or drill-and-tap (best). It also requires for the rear-mounted test that I cut the pedal-bearing cylinder from the frame, entirely or just partly, so I don't have that whole frame mess to deal with mounting to the rear, just the parts I need. Decisions, decisions.

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