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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

DriveSprocket to Motor

A new idea has surfaced in my head during a conversation, which is to drill-and-tap (thread) a hole into the pedal shaft big enough for a carriage bolt or stove bolt to be secured into. The square under the head of the carriage bolt would fit into the square hole for the star-socket I want to use to transfer the power from the motor to the Drive Sprocket. That would keep the socket from turning except when it is also turning the Drive Sprocket shaft (formerly pedal shaft). The best part about this design is it allows maintenance, where welding it on would not--I would no longer be able to take the shaft out to do anything to the entire bearing mount area, or to move it to a different frame. This design allows all of that.

The only real catch I have is that the motor rotation has to be the same direction as unscrewing the bolt would be, so I'll have to loctite it in place. I'm sure I could find reverse-threaded bolts and such, but this makes it easier to replace if something breaks or wears. Plus I already have stuff that should fit, somewhere around here.

I also found that 1" might be too big, and 15/16 is actually probably correct, for the socket size. I mixed up my memories of which socket I had checked, and the 15/16" I have is a hex socket, not a star socket; the star was a 7/8", which is just a tad too small. 15/16" should be just about perfect.

Now I just have to find one used (I could buy one new, but I'm trying to keep the recycling theme going).

I do now have someone that may be able to help do the drilling and tapping, which I don't have the tools for. Just gotta get together.

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