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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

By Any Other Name...

Well, I've never really thought BEMAP was a good name for the project, but I didn't really have any other one. Many names have come up in conversation about this, some of them not very polite, and others not really having anything to do with what it is or will be for.

The best suggestions so far have been either just wierd but interesting contractions of parts of the thing, or other things related to interests of mine and the whole project idea.

Electricle™ was suggested in an IM convo by Melkorka, The Harvesting Maiden of the North™, and is the current winner.

Another was something to do with Skuld and/or her Banpei creation(s) from Ah! My Goddess!, due to her mechanical inclination and especially the often destructive results of the creations' misuse by others. No specific suggestion was made, however, and I have not been able to think of any, either.

Motor-cicle was also suggested, but it was pointed out by someone else that this would be confused with the existing gasoline versions, and that it was spelled wrong. The suggester bowed head in shame and retreated, unfortunately contributing nothing else.

Kill-kill-die-die was rejected with scorn, for obvious reasons.

ScrapCycle was considered for a moment, but not accepted.

Re-Cycle was not adopted either. Though it was clever. In musical circles, it's already used, though that doesn't preclude it's use here.

Tron's Reject didn't meet with much agreement.

I'm still up for suggestions, so please, comment them in!

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