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Monday, January 11, 2010

Throttle Lever, Gas Springs

More parts donated, including a lever for my throttle

That is in the max output (max pot reading, 5K) position.

That is in the max physical pot rotation position.

That is at the zero pot position, centered on the pot (the pot, like the lever, is made for a reversing motor controller in a wheelchair).

I don't yet have the spring return on it, as I need to make something to connect from the throttle lever into the spring's "catch" for the return action. Should just need a little bracket to wrap around the far end of the lever's pivot and back in an L shape into the spring's "catch".

and some interesting actuated "gas" (probably hydraulic) springs.

The springs are neat because they have a little push rod in the center of the strut, which must be pushed in before the strut can move. This is done for ride-height adjustments on the chairs they come from (using a cable and lever similar to bike brake levers but smaller), but the nice bit about this feature for me is that they would let me "disable" the spring action if the bike was too heavily loaded to work without bottoming out, simply by raising the lockout lever.

Or they could be used solely for their ride-height adjustment ability, and not as springs at all. That would let me explore different front and rear heights to see what worked out better for height for clearance of road debris, curbs, etc, vs stability in turns, before permanently building that height into the frame (if ever).

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