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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Suspension And Motor "Modules" by Gary Payton

This looks like an interesting idea I might be able to adapt to a tadpole trike for front wheel drive.

I could use two of the smaller powerchair motors on there, one on each wheel, perhaps.

I had previously briefly considered two powerchair motors driving the wheels directly from their axles, but that would not have allowed pedalling if the motor system failed or I ran out of power. The above linked design would allow that, as I could put a dog-clutch (or freewheel) in one of the transfer pulleys, which could use either belt or chain.

Also, the motors directly driving the wheels would not go very fast unless I overvolted to perhaps 60-72V, given the wheel size and original motor/gearbox speed. I'd rather not have to carry *that* many batteries. At original voltage, they're meant to go around 4MPH with 10" wheels. So the 20" wheels I want to use on the front would still be pretty slow, less than half the max allowable speed on ebikes. I'd like to be *able* to go 20MPH, even if I don't do it much.

Of course, I found this idea via the V Is For Voltage forum *after* I started sketching up some ideas for the suspension and frame, and setting my brain on the search for a workable geometry with stuff I already have laying around. ;)

So now I am going to see if I can reprogram the "offline mental search" to figure out how to make these modules instead, as they would simplify the frame and steering setups. Plus, I would have front wheel drive with electric, and could leave the rear wheel drive as pedal-only, reducing the stress on that wheel, "spreading the load" as it were. Simplifies the chainline and drivetrain integration, too, and keeps all three drivetrains independent, for multiple redundancy.

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