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Sunday, January 10, 2010

ARTOO Concept Sketchups

So now for some concept images, created in Google Sketchup mostly using existing bike parts from things found in their 3D warehouse.

The wheels are 20", for visual scale. The main tube is 2.5" O.D.

The side view looks a little long. I am not sure if it will need to be this long or not yet.

There's no detail to anything yet as I am still working out positions, angles, etc.

The top view makes it easier to see the camber of the wheels, which is 7.2 degrees in the drawing but I don't yet know what it has to be in reality. It just "looked right".

The wheel supports angle back because that is the direction of pressure in a turn and it is also the direction I would want it to angle to during shock absorption if I ever get that far.

Front view shows camber clearly. The green bits are the Razor scooter headstocks.

I intend to have the line thru the headstock it pivots around point directly at the tire contact patch. If I understand how steering should work, that should give no scrubbing of the wheel during a turn, for better traction. I am not *certain*, but I do not think trail matters much in the case of a tadpole trike, based on the way I see it working in my head. Thus, there is no trail on this steering setup.

An iso view.

The steering pivots are behind the wheel pointing forward and outward at the contact patch. It is possible I will have to make it point forward of the patch instead.

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