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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Installing New Motor More Complicated Than Desirable

But will hopefully be worth it.

Today I examined all the practical ways of mounting it, and decided on spreading the stays, since I wanted to redo the pedal chainline anyway to remove that derailer being used as a chain tensioner, since it adds more friction and more complication to the bike, and a bit more weight, though not much.

I didn't get very far before having to leave for work (using my old upright bike); all I did was get to remove the derailer and spread the stays (and ex-fork) by leaving them bolted together and inserting my 2-ton hydraulic floor jack in between them, then slowly levering them apart to the desired spacing.

Yes, I know doing it that way weakens the metal, probably introducing all kinds of microfractures, etc. I just don't really have any other way of doing it, short of cutting everything and rewelding it, which given my limited skills and tools would probably not be as strong as even doing it this way. :-(

The next two days I'll be spending all the time I can on finishing this, which will have to include finishing at least the mechanical part of the throttle/tensioner gadget, which right now is nothing more than just a guide sprocket in a fixed position.

Hopefully I'll have time to add the rightside cargo pod as well, so both batteries don't have to go on the same side.

If there's any leftover time, I'll build the new front steering tab/post so that it takes more steering input from the handlebars to generate less steering output from the fork/wheel, to help stablize the bike at lower speeds.

While doing that, I should be able to flip the fork and create a new hard-stop for the steering limiter, and flip the front turnsignals. That will fix my braking for now, until I can build a jig to securely hold the rear brake pivots in place while welding them on, so they are perfectly aligned on the stays, ensuring proper braking. (There aren't any rear brakes at all, currently.)

If I get *that* finished with time to spare, I'll be finishing the LED replacement of the incandescents in the turn signals/taillight/brakelight of the ex-scooter lighting units.

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