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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

100 Miles.

The crazybike2 has made it past 100 miles while I was on my way to work yesterday. It's at 102.7 right now, and will go up a few more tonite during my grocery run.

No celebration for this milestone, though if I'm still riding this one at 200 miles I might think about one.

As of this afternoon, thanks to, I have enough tubing to begin work on a cleaner version of it, which might be a trike rather than bike. Someone was giving away a bunch of chainlink fence along with the posts pulled from the ground, and I knew I could not use the fence (well, I could, but I can't move it), so I just asked that if she had any posts that didn't get picked up (some were damaged), if I could pick them up. She had one left, broken off right at ground level, making it a 6-foot tube, plus today before I headed over she found a bunch more round and square tubing, some of which is light enough to use for the bike, and some of which is quite heavy but will be useful for other things.

Too much for transporting on the bike all at once, especially the two heavy-type 10-foot sections, but a friend with his truck helped me get them back here. I couldn't have moved the 10-foot ones on the bike, though the others would have fit, possibly in two loads depending on how securely I could have tied them to the right side of the bike, just below the seat.

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