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Monday, September 21, 2009

Diet Continues; Decisions, Decisions....

I'm still trying to think of good weight reductions I can safely do, but there's not a lot yet.

  • The frame mods already done took off perhaps 3-5 pounds.
  • I might get a half a pound off by going to the single-cable multi-conductor thin-gauge wire for all the bike lighting and sensors and stuff, removing that scooter harness.
  • I'll probably gain an ounce or two going to the all-LED lighting for the turn signals/marker lights, but I'll lose at least a pound by removing the other lighting system that was on the DayGlo Avenger (which I'd like to put back on it).
  • The cargo pods and their attachment frame are maybe 15-20 pounds, empty. Part of that frame (the front half of the square tubing) is also the seat mount, though, so doesn't count.
  • The batteries alone are I think 51 pounds. I'd have to go to something like A123 cells to get enough power in a lighter package that wouldn't be damaged by what I use it for.
  • The difference between the 4 pole motor about to go on and the heat-damaged 2 pole motor about to come off is more weight added than I took off with those frame modifications.
  • The front fork can lose around 5 pounds, maybe less, if I go to the non-shock fork. I'll gain at least two of that back if I add the headtube shock later.
  • The steel front cranks are maybe 2 or 3 pounds heavier than aluminum ones would be (if I had any to spare for it).
  • Can't get the seat any lighter.
  • Handlebars are as light as they'll get for the shape I need, unless I could get some modern ones custom-made out of thinner but stronger tubing (or get lucky and find some scrapped like I did these).
  • Those little white baskets that held the batteries before could take off a pound or so, but they will actually hold my backpack or something else, bungeed between them and the bottom of the seat, should I take the cargo pods off for any reason.
  • There's nothing else I think I can safely remove from the bike frames themselves.
  • The 26" wheel with wide steel rim is probably a couple of pounds more than a 24"; since I only really went to 26 because I had a lower-rolling resistance tire for 26 but not 24, I can go back to 24 once the tires arrive from All Electronics.
  • The toolkit could probably be slimmed down a couple of pounds if I could standardize all the fasteners on the bike, so that any emergency roadside work doesn't require the large assortment of tools and driver bits that I carry right now.


  1. I'm still hoping to someday use a smaller battery with a lower capacity with a steady output fuel cell or something. That'd save battery weight. The battery would store reserve current.

  2. Are you talking about a hydrogen gas powered fuel cell? If so, where are you going to store the hydrogen?

    You won't be able to make your own on the road, because it will take more power to create it than you will get out of it burning it back in the fuel cell....

  3. Just a note; the batteries are only about 36 pounds or so. Not sure where I got 51.


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