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Friday, September 4, 2009

Battery Holder Fixed

I also had fixed the battery holder the day before the last post's stuff was done, and forgot to post that and pics. I'll need new pics because I somehow managed to erase the ones off the card instead of transferring them to the PC. Not sure how that could happen with a simple drag-n-drop, but it did.

Basically it's just an under-dash mount for a CB or other radio, just the bracket, which is held on by stiff braided steel wire (like brake cable but thicker and more pliable) around the battery's white cage holder/support, and the bottom cargo pod frame. I pulled with both hands with my feet on the frame and it would not come loose, so it ought to be ok now.

I'm still looking at ways to make secure yet removable mounts to put my wheelchair battery boxes mounted under the seat on each side of the bike, with locks on them and some weather-sealing.

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