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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hostile Takeover at Endless Sphere Ebike/EV Forums

It is still in the process of going on, so there is still a chance to save the best Ebike/EV forum on the planet.

If you're already a member there, come by and read and then voice your opinion in this thread:

Hostile Takeover at Endless Sphere

If you're not a member yet, come on by, read lots of stuff for a while (it'll take a few weeks or months to really grasp how big this site's member contributions really are, and how helpful the members can be).

Then see if you think it'd be best left as it is, or run as a for-profit ad-based site instead of the self-evolving community of helpful people and information resource that it is right now.

What's the hullabaloo about? Well, members have created the content and community there over several years by helping each other out, by publishing their ideas and spending their precious time detailing their work and assisting the work of others. The new owner wants to put ads on there, that among other things would essentially turn all that work into ad-bait (rather like the content of this blog is ad-bait for Google's Adsense and whatnot, unfortunately).

We don't agree with that. At all.

I've started using that logo on my posts, signature, etc., to represent the idea that what we do is not for that purpose--it's freely given but not to earn money from, even indirectly.

Certainly not for all the sleazy vendors that will end up with ads plastered all over the forum, who will get traffic to their sites and purchases made by people that were lured to them by our hard work and content and helpfulness, when none of what we did was for that purpose.

It's not about the money--it's about the idea.

If you look me up as Amberwolf on there, you'll see where my various builds I started here on this blog have gone, how they have progressed, and the new things I've started:

Day Glo Avenger


CrazyBike2's Replacement

My new trailer from a dog kennel and wheelchair parts

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