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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Four-pole Motor Conversion

At the suggestion of a blog reader, I may try converting the damaged powerchair motor into a four-pole version, by adding a second set of brushes. First I have to determine if the motors are wired in a way that allows this to work. I am not sure if they are, or if they are not if I can fix it without actually rewinding them.

I have to make a new brush mounting plate for it anyway, so this would not be that much more work. I have spare parts now for brushes and brush holders, from more motors that have the same softer-plastic type of brush mounting plate (though neither of them looks particularly problematic, compared to this one, excepting the large amount of gearbox grease that has oozed into the motor housing of one of them).

I've got to dig out the pieces of material I have from old component-mountings and whatnot that are sturdy enough to withstand the heat without deforming. I think I have a few large enough to make the plate from. I might also have to modify the motor housing a little bit around the plate-attachment area, to ensure clearances for the extra new pair of brushes (90° around from the original pair), so they can't short against the metal motor casing.

I've been doing some web-based research on the topic, but an hour or so of googling has not found anyone else that's attempted to do this. I must not be using the right keywords, because I am sure that someone has tried, even if it failed.

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