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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Removing The Motor System

So, with the motor system removal, I took the pictures I didn't take when assembling it, showing the brackets and such that hold it on:

They're riveted directly to the frame, and that's been trouble-free except for the one time I hit the bottom edge of the motor's mounting panel on the driveway entrance at a shopping center, trying to avoid a crash, which actually broke bottom rivets.

I changed it so the front part of the bottom bracket is bolted to the back part, instead of riveted, and that hasn't had problems since then--it has less flex.

This is the whole motor system, batteries, charger, motor (minus the one that broke the shaft), and controller. Only parts not there are the brackets themselves, and the throttle, which is still on the bike.

I'm working on getting the treadmill motor's reduction system completed, so that I can use it on this bike until I complete the recumbent it will go on. The batteries are still a showstopper, though, so until I get new ones (lighter than SLAs), I still can't *use* the motor.

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