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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Red Light District?

Not exactly....but the red LumiLEDs for the brake and rear signal lights showed up today, so I did a bit of work on installing some of them, as well as adding part of the front turn signals/marker lights. No pics today, just a dorkily-narrated (by me) video of the semi-completed bike lighting in a completely dark room. (Ignore the background voice; someone else kept talking while I was trying to record this).

Keep in mind the camera apparently is trying to auto-contrast or something, so all you can really see are the lights themselves--the room, which to the eye was very brightly lit by the bike, appears very dark--almost no reflection of bike lighting is shown in the camera video. I guess I should try just pointing it at the walls without any bike lights in-frame, and it might capture the effect (I just thought of that now, cuz I'm a dork).

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