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Friday, April 18, 2008

You'd Think I Made The Trailer To Carry Bikes

Here's a few different bikes in the trailer, just to show how a happy accident of design worked out very well for carrying them, especially with the rear wheels taken off.

First up is a the pair of bikes I picked up on the windy day; I don't have the wheels on them at all, since I took them all inside to clean and inspect them (bearings, etc) the night I brought them home, and was so tired and sick I didn't get that done yet.

This is an old 700c 10speed I got in the original pile of bikes I'd gotten as scrap back in an early blog entry. I've done nothing with this one yet, because it could be used as-is, once the rotted out rubber tires and tubes are replaced, and all the bearings cleaned and lubed. The chain is so rusty it will probably have to be replaced; I doubt I'll ever get it freed up. But even it, the largest bike I have, fits on the trailer, with the rearwheel popped off so the rear triangle will hook into the space between the flat bottom of the trailer and it's rear support frame bar.

This is the test bike, just set onto the trailer, with both wheels still attached; just to see if it would fit that way. I'd have to be extra careful about tying it down if I did leave the wheel on that way, so it doesn't roll off the back end. With rearwheels off, bikes stay in the trailer fine with just normal tie-down.

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  1. You are a guy after my own heart. I do the same type stuff for the same reasons. You might want to look at the axial windmill alternators for some ideas on building a motor that doesn't have to have a machine shop to make. I used a scooter motor for an assist setup on my homemade trike.

    Lee Bell


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