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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Alpha Test Partial Success

Well, it works, sort of. The problem is that in my haste to get *something* working so I could at least test the theory, I forgot the sprocket-tooth ratio bit, and essentially have them reversed from what I need to get any speed out of the motor (though I could get plenty of torque this way), with the largest sprocket (from the old Murry Biotech's pedal sprocket assembly) on the left side of the rear wheel, and the smallest (from the Biotech's old rear wheel entire sprocket/axle/etc assembly) at the motor end.

Thus, I get a speed at which I could probably crawl faster than it could move the bike. Ah, well, I basically still need to get tools to take apart the rear-wheel sprocket assembly, so I can take out the very smallest sprocket from one of the many I have, and attach that to the rear wheel's axle instead of the very large sprocket I have now, and use that very large sprocket along with two or three more of stepped smaller sizes in a new sprocket assembly on the motor axle.

I made a "clever, yet simple" fix for it temporarily, by simply bolting a larger sprocket to the largest of the motor-axle sprockets, since I haven't got the mechanics setup for shifting anyway; this will at least give me a usable speed for testing (though I know I could easily ride faster than it will go).

I am still making semi-permanent mounts for all the motor and axle stuff, so all this will be tested in v1.0.1 sometime after Monday (last day of work next week, only get two 3/4-days this time).

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