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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parts is Parts!

Since I had yesterday, today, and the rest of this week off, I biked down to Apache Reclamation to see what they had that might work for my purposes. There's a ton of stuff that probably would, but I didn't buy anything except a couple of DC motors that they had a whole bin of still in their wrappers (from Kodak, 1990 date code!), as experimental spares. I'd love to go back there again with a definite idea of what I need, measurements, etc, if I only could figure out exactly what that was. :-)

I also picked up a used ScootNGo electric from Deseret thrift store--unfortunately the motor smells and looks like it cooked at some point, and took several parts on it's controller with it (I wish I could have detected that smell before getting it; I might not have). However, it does have two working 12v batteries, about 15AH if I recall, so that'll help me get the test phase of the project going. Also has handlebar-mounted throttle, turnsignal switch, etc, all of which I can adapt to my bike. If I bought all the parts new that I can use off of it, it'd cost me about twice what the whole thing did, so it was worth it.

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